2024 Board
The York Young Professionals’ board of directors term runs through the calendar year. Members elect the board each year at the Annual Meeting in November.
Selected by and from the membership, the President presides over all meetings of the Board and of the Members and is responsible for general and active management of YYP business.
Vice President
Provides support to the President, along with the committee chairs to ensure we are meeting our member’s needs.
Maintains the financial reports, handles payments (to and from YYP), creates the annual budget, and provides insight on the financial position of the organization. This role requires a basic knowledge of bookkeeping and uses QuickBooks and Excel.
The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at each Board Meeting and is responsible to maintaining all documentation related to activity of the Board of Directors.
Events Chair
Helps facilitate experiences through meetups that have a more intimate feel than socials. These events allow members to attend theater events, baseball games, wineries, etc. In addition, the Events Chair heads the Foot Rally committee, which is held every August.
Marketing Chair
Manages communication with members and prospective members regarding events and opportunities through the website, newsletter and social media.
Membership Chair
Maintains membership list and manages renewals of members. Reaches out to guests and new members and assists in the joining process. Checks everyone in at socials.
Partners Chair
Responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with people and organizations in the community for the mutual benefit of YYP and that organization.
Outreach Chair
Work cohesively with YYP membership and Board to coordinate and organize all community outreach efforts for YYP.
Socials Chair
This is where the magic happens. You bring members, a great location, some sort of edible food, and drinks into a pot and simmer for 2 hours. There is some work involved but it’s a skill that you’ll keep forever.
Acts as the voice of the membership. Attends YYP events, meetups, and socials to keep the pulse of the membership and reports back to board with thoughts and new ideas to keep membership engaged.
YCEA Liaison
Coordinates the YCEA relationship with YYP. The partnership is essential for connecting young professionals to the community and for businesses to get their employees involved in the community.
Past President
The Past President serves as an advisor to the current Board and Executive Committee as a non-voting member. The Past President is also the official liaison between the current Board and the YYP Advisory Board.
Advisory Board
  • Dylan Bauer, Royal Square Development & Construction
  • Matthew Davis, Working Progress
  • Kevin Forry, True Advisory Group
  • Kelley Gibson, Cultural Alliance
  • David Gonzalez, YCEA
  • Sully Pinos, YCEA

This Board consists of past YYP Board Members and thoughtful community leaders who meet three times per year to advise the YYP Board of Directors. YYP values the Board members’ presence and expertise in the York community. The Advisory Board’s input and work will help to ensure that YYP’s actions and aspirations continue to support our mission of making York a more enjoyable and vibrant place to live, work & play.

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